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Spartan Mark V Black
Play Arts -Kai- Action Figure

Exclusive Limited Edition


Square Enix Products





Exclusive Limited Edition black deco variant of the Mark V Spartan!

The Spartan Mark V of the Halo trilogy which has sold over 34 million units worldwide to date. Spartan Mark V is redesigned for the Play Arts -Kai-, bringing to you the ultimate original design in pursuit of formative arts. A super-soldier born out of the Spartan-II program, Spartan Mark V is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, various weapons and vehicles. His astounding heroics and battle capabilities inspire humanity and terrify the Covenant. Created specifically for the Spartan-II soldiers, the MJOLNIR Mark V armor is intricately replicated by Square Enix Products. Keeping with the image of the original Spartan Mark V, slight adjustments have been made for a powerful build. The structure of the armor is true to the original, while detail arrangements create a mechanical feel. The legs have been separated into finer blocks compared to the original design, providing more content to the figure. The figure seeks to generate a sense of toughness. The flexible parts and the double jointed knees allow for fixed action poses.

Additional Parts:
M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
M6D Pistol
Additional Hand Parts x 2
Material: PVC
Size: Approx. 9" tall
Design: Window Box
Memo: For ages 13 and up


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