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Fine Art Bust
Limited Edition
Punisher: War Zone



€ 75.00


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!

 The Marvel Knights in movie form as The KOTOBUKIYA collection expands to include one of the most popular characters from Marvel Studios: PUNISHER.

In 2008 seen the theatrical release of the ‘hard R’ adventures of the most dangerous man in the Marvel Movieverse: Frank Castle aka The Punisher. The likeness of actor Ray Stevenson is accurately captured in this well-armed, 9-inch tall Fine Art Bust. The base is a special Movie Marquee that lights up, replete with bullet holes on the sides, and the PUNISHER: WAR ZONE logo on the front.

As with all items in The KOTOBUKIYA Collection, the details and paint applications are impeccable, and each item is individually numbered as part of a Limited Edition.



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