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(Knight Industries Two Thousand)
Hot Wheels Elite

1:18 Scale Die-Cast Replica

Limited Edition
Knight Rider
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: 5469


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K.I.T.T., the original smart car, also known as the "Knight Industries Two Thousand", is a black, customized 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am; driven by former police officer turned private eye, Michael Knight (as played by David Hasselhoff), in the popular 80's action-adventure television series, 'Knight Rider'. Sponsored by the multimillion dollar company, Knight Industries, Michael traveled the country helping the helpless and fighting for justice with K.I.T.T., his indestructible super-car sidekick. The ultimate crime-fighting tool, K.I.T.T. comes fully-equipped with the latest in artificial intelligence, infrared sensors, flame throwers, lasers, smoke bombs, a 50 foot turbo-boost known as Super Pursuit Mode, and a wicked sense of humor.

Description Name K.I.T.T "Knight Industries Two Thousand"
Scale 1:18
Exterior Color Gloss black
Interior Color(s) Creme interior with matte black dashboard
Faux Carbon-Fiber No
Water decal Yes, mainly on body/dashboard/interior/engine
Hand Painted Detailing Yes, mainly for interior and engine
Tampo Detailing Yes, mainly for interior and engine
Front and Rear Light Details Pop-up headlight, no visible rear light
Photo Etched Parts Yes mainly for wippers/pedals
Opening Doors Yes
Opening Hood Yes
Opening Trunk Yes
Steering Yes
Other Moving Parts Headlight, eject out & fold forward front seat, removable t-top, foldable rear seat, revolving rear license plater
Other features Electronic flash light underneath hood
Detailed Engine Yes
Detailed Wheels Yes
Detailed Tires Yes
Detailed Disk Brakes and Calipers No
Detailed Chassis Yes
Hand Assembled No
Plinth Included No
Packaging - Open Window Box No
Styrofoam Clamshell Yes
Packaging - Closed Box Yes
Box Dimensions 12.5" X 6.39" X5"
Vehicle dimension 11" X 4.23"X 2.84"
Vehicle weight 0.91kg / pc
Case pack 4pcs/carton


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