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Women of Marvel: Sue Storm
Comiquette Polystone Statue
Limited Edition of 600
Fantastic Four
Sideshow Collectibles

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€ 230.00


Celebrating the Women of Marvel cover art series is Sideshow's Women of Marvel: Sue Storm Comiquette based on the stunning work of comic artist Jelena Djurdjevic. Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Sideshow's Women of Marvel: Sue Storm Comiquette is an outstanding addition to any collection, perfect for any Marvel display.


Susan Storm and her brother Johnny had a happy childhood until their mother Mary died in a car crash. Their father, celebrated surgeon Doctor Franklin Storm, survived the accident without injury but was unable to save his wife despite his best medical efforts. His spirit broken, Dr. Storm abandoned his practice, becoming a gambler and a drunk, and eventually went to prison after he accidentally killed an underworld loan shark during a struggle. Sue became more like a mother than a sister to Johnny thereafter, though both were soon placed in the custody of their loving aunt. While she was still quite young, Sue became smitten with her aunt's handsome and brilliant tenant, science prodigy Reed Richards, then a university student. During her own college years, Sue began doing some minor acting and modeling work and renewed her contact with Reed, dating him steadily for some time. Reed's old friend Ben Grimm took an interest in Sue as well, though she remained loyal to Reed.

When a sudden loss of funding threatened to derail Reed's experimental starship project, Reed urged his pilot, Ben, to join him in making an unauthorized test flight before the project shut down. Grimm was reluctant, but accepted the challenge after Sue questioned his courage. Sue and her brother Johnny insisted on coming along as well, wishing to share the risk. The quartet successfully launched into space, but intense cosmic rays penetrated the ship's shielding and irradiated the crew, forcing them back to Earth. On landing, they discovered they had mutated into superhumans, and Sue became the Invisible Girl. Dedicating their new powers to super-heroics and scientific exploration, the quartet became the Fantastic Four. Sue's relatively static invisibility power made her seem like a weak link in the team at first, but she soon discovered that she also had the ability to project and manipulate invisible force fields, making her a more effective combatant.

One of the Fantastic Four's earliest foes was misguided Atlantean warrior Namor the Sub-Mariner, who was strongly attracted to Sue and vied with Reed for her affections. Sue was drawn to Namor, who eventually became a valued friend and ally to the Fantastic Four, but she remained true to Reed. When Sue was gravely injured during a battle with the Mole Man, her father-who had just recently escaped from prison-came out of hiding to operate on her, saving her life and reconciling with his children before he willingly returned to jail.

Like the other Fantastic Four founders, Sue has participated in many mass super-hero gatherings over the years-notably the original Contest of Champions, during which she teamed with Iron Fist and Sunfire as pawns of an unknown entity to battle the Grandmaster's pawns Daredevil, Darkstar and Australian hero Talisman, ultimately teaming with Talisman to unmask the Grandmaster's opponent as Death itself.


License: Marvel
Product Type: Polystone Statue
Product Size:
16" H (406.4mm) x 8.00" W (203.2mm) x 7.00" L (177.8mm)

Product Weight: 10.00 lbs (4.54 kg)

Box Size: 18.00" H (457.2mm) x 10.00" W (254mm) x 9.00" L (228.6mm)
Est. Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs (4.54 kg)

  • Mireya Romo-Bowen
  • Bernardo Esquivel
  • Phebe Hemphill
  • Joe Allard
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles



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